Dogfooding our way to a better music industry with Bandposters

We founded Back Porch Group to tackle the big problems in the music business. Our mission to break it, change it, and make it matter manifests itself in every aspect of our work. Lately we’ve been working with a lot of great companies in Nashville and beyond, but in order to really truly make good on our promises, we’ve dedicated part of our time to building businesses from the ground up.

That’s why we launched Bandposters.


Big problem: artists spend too much time doing stuff other than making music. No, seriously, this is a huge problem. Major.

And it’s not just artists either. Managers, promoters, venues, agents – they all spend to much time doing the menial tasks, and one of those tasks is designing, printing, and shipping posters. We should know: we’re artists and managers ourselves.

Bandposters fixes that: design, print, and ship posters to every gig on your tour in two minutes or less. $15 per gig. Simple as that.

You see, posters are hard.

Whoahoooo there tiger, you wait one minute. You’re telling me this, of all things, is what you chose to solve?

Yep. That’s exactly what we’re saying.

Consider this:

  • Designing posters is typically done with Photoshop by a trained designer. Assuming you have the skills to do it, it’s going to cost you several hours of time. If your Photoshop skills are limited to cropping, resizing, and meme-building, well you’ll probably have to fork over your hard earned cash to a designer.
  • Printing posters is a pain in the ass. Seriously, when was the last time you visited a copy center? Between outdated equipment, disgruntled employees, improper paper choices, crummy prints, and $1.79 per sheet for full color, well, you’ve got a recipe for an extremely unhappy afternoon.
  • Shipping posters sucks even more than printing them. Rolling, packing, taping, finding the addresses of the venues, scrawling those addresses with a Sharpie, adding stamps, buying stamps, waiting in line at the post office. Pardon the pun, but that’s why it’s called going postal.

And let’s not forget about cost: dollars, time, sweat. Papercuts suck. Seriously, you don’t want one of those on your fretting fingers.

We believe artist’s need one less thing to worry about. And we hope you find that is exactly what Bandposters can help you with.