Episode 42: Nashville’s our home, Knoxville’s our jam

We’ll miss you, Knoxville! We had the opportunity this week to see the fruits of the labors of the 9 incredible teams in this year’s MediaWorks digital media startup accelerator we ran in conjunction with the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center. All we can say is: holy crap, that was awesome.

Make no mistake. Knoxville means business.

On this episode of Conversely, we’re joined by KEC’s Executive Director, Jim Biggs, and our colleague-in-crime, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Jonathan Sexton. And we have very special guest Haseeb Qureshi, CEO and Founder of Audiohand, an app for combining multiple mobile phone audio recordings to create incredibly high fidelity masters.

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Show Notes:

First the amazing teams of MediaWorks 2014:

Second, The Bonhamizer

There’s probably a lot we’re missing, but that’s the important stuff.

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