Episode 50: Conversely turns 50, and loses its hearing

Just how much difference does lossless audio make?


On this episode, we put that theory to the test. TIDAL has launched in the US, and we’re testing FLAC lossless audio next to Rdio 320kbps AAC. You’ll have to listen to find out the results.

We also welcome our newest team member Justine Avila!

And here’s the world’s worst captcha, which Mike encountered on Ticketmaster this morning.


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Here are the songs we used for our audio tests, links to TIDAL, Rdio, and iTunes for good measure. It’s probably worth noting that the audio we used in the podcast was taken from FLAC versions, though our podcast is encoded in the extremely lossy 128kbps MP3 format. We just put it in the podcast for reference.

And finally, is FLAC really lossless?