Because there's a better way.

Bandposters helps artists design, print, and ship posters to every gig on a tour in 90 seconds or less.

Because there's a smarter way.

Endorsee empowers music instrument brands to make informed, data-driven decisions about their endorsements.

Because there’s a new way.

MAGCON is a career launchpad for fan-fueled social media celebrities. It’s the future of famous.

Because there's a more nimble way.

BPG helps entertainment companies, emerging and established, think and act like startups.

We are venture-builders and advisors.


Community Projects

Entrepreneurship is not a solo activity. It takes a thriving community of creators, engineers, designers, infrastructure, ball-breakers, idealists, cheerleaders, catalysts, financiers, and more. No startup survives without an ecosystem.

BPG is committed to helping entrepreneurial communities prosper – in Nashville, the Southeast, and beyond – through participation in accelerator education, mentorship, meetups, and outreach.

Project Music

As Core Mentors at Project Music, the first music technology accelerator at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, BPG advised the inaugural cohort of unique music tech startups on everything from customer development to lean methodology to just what in the hell is the difference between a sync and a mechanical anyways?


A production of the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, MediaWorks – now in its second year – is a highly immersive instructional and mentorship driven program for digital media startups. BPG designed and executes a 13-week startup education program, covering all aspects of customer development, product/market fit, marketing, pitching, and everything else a company has to do to get from zero to sixty. Oh, and did we mention that at least three of the graduating companies have been funded so far? Yep.

Nashville Music + Tech

BPG is a proud sponsor of Nashville Music + Tech, a collective of artists, coders, music marketers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, managers, songwriters, publishers, and industry professionals who get together once a month to talk shop, share ideas, and hang. Usually, there’s beer.