Episode 63: Coffins

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We’re probably gonna get in trouble for this one.

We begin today’s episode with the thesis that lasting change is coming to the music industry. We know this because, well, everyone knows this. Even while other industries see similar change, perhaps none of them has had as much public attention in its upheaval as this sad little business we call music.

Let’s be clear about this, though: the music industry is not dead, nor is it going extinct. It is simply changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Which brings us to our second thesis, and the most important for this episode: change will come in the form of coffins. Pardon the morbidity, but it would seem that most, if not all, of the industry’s so-called problems are actually just aggressive resistance rather than actual strife. We saw it in the early days of iTunes, and we’re seeing it again with streaming. Hell, we saw it when sheet music turned to recordings, when vinyl made way for cassettes and CDs. We see it in concert ticketing – because lord knows we need another overpriced ticket to a crappy show, right? Publishers resist new formats, PROs resist transparency, and writers…. well…..

And so, in order for lasting change to occur, we need the stalwarts to die. Literally.

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Show Notes:

Episode photo by David