Because there's a better way.

Bandposters helps artists design, print, and ship posters to every gig on a tour in 90 seconds or less.

Because there's a smarter way.

Endorsee empowers music instrument brands to make informed, data-driven decisions about their endorsements.

Because there’s a new way.

MAGCON is a career launchpad for fan-fueled social media celebrities. It’s the future of famous.

Because there's a more nimble way.

BPG helps entertainment companies, emerging and established, think and act like startups.

We are venture-builders and advisors.

Our Mission

We are building a better entertainment industry one idea, product and company at a time.

We believe in talent. We believe in technology. We believe the two should fit like a glove.

When it comes to ideas, products and businesses, we believe that nothing is sacred. Ok, maybe a few things, but the rest should be broken apart, made better, and rebuilt to be stronger and more meaningful than ever. Always.

We are a part of the solution. We’re an experienced team of smart, passionate people working to advance the entertainment industry to better serve and benefit fans, artists and those that connect them in meaningful, sustainable ways.

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