Brian Rawling’s gut has driven more revenue in one year than most companies make in a lifetime. Whipsmart, righteous and cunning, Brian is a contrarian. But disagreeing with him makes you smarter, because he knows what works and what doesn’t. Brian is a one man think tank with over 20 years of experience as an award-winning publisher and as an executive of one of the world’s largest entertainment corporations. He loves the music, but he loves the business too. Because if everybody can be making money, why shouldn’t they?

  • Served as VP at Disney for seventeen years, working on some of their biggest projects (Lion King spinoffs, High School Musicals, Hannah Montana, Deep Purple and Bad Company.) Also managed creative for theme park rides, cartoons, TV series, 40 movies, and the occasional ice show.
  • Managed independent artist Unspoken.
  • In addition to Disney creative, set up foreign subpub deals, business affairs, HR, operations, licensing, biz dev and copyright IP digitization.
  • Participated directly in 22 number one records, three songs of the year, a few Grammys and thirty platinum or gold records (that he can find).
  • Co-ran Leiber and Stoller Music for two years, did deals with Buick for “Stand By Me” and got the ball rolling for a little Broadway show called “Smokey Joe’s Cafe”.
  • Served on the Grammy Board of Governors and was his kid’s school PTA President at the same time.
  • Worked for Ronnie Milsap in Nashville and learned what a hit song sounded like. Wrote out royalty reports by hand and got to fly on a lear jet for the first time.
  • Graduated from Belmont College after bribing his senior Statistics professor to pass him. (really)
  • Spent the last 5 years exploring what the music business has been doing wrong for the 30 years before that. Became encouraged by the possibilities, and now he’s fully engaged.


Hometown: Portsmouth, OH
Instrument: Pen
Desert Island Album: Jackson Browne – Late For The Sky