We believe in the music business, not the record business. We believe in talent. We believe in technology. We believe the two should fit like a glove.

We believe that music is a direct line to the soul. We believe that you need not lose your soul to be in the business of music.

When it comes to ideas, products and businesses, we believe that nothing is sacred. Ok, a few things are sacred, but the rest should be broken apart, made better, and rebuilt to be stronger and more meaningful than ever. Always.

Our Mission

We are a part of the solution. White knights, no, but a highly experienced team of smart, passionate people working to reconfigure the music industry to serve and benefit fans, artists and those that connect them in meaningful, sustainable ways.

Our Point of View

Back Porch Group Point of View

Talent is the lifeblood of this business. It should go without saying, but it needs to be said. And it bears repeating often.

Teams support the talent. No one sees farther than when standing on the shoulders of giants. However, many teams have forgotten who they serve, and so only serve themselves. Real progress is a team sport.

Tools are the technologies that facilitate innovation and enterprise. They cannot create progress, only accelerate it. A hammer is not inherently good or bad; its effectiveness is measured by how well it augments the person who wields it.

Touch is the ultimate connection between human beings. It is where fans are made – a first listen, a killer app, an unforgettable live performance. Touch a person’s senses, and you may ultimately touch their heart.

Transactions – without them you may have art, but you don’t have a business.